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A Dog for Every Lifestyle
Couch Potato or Mr. & Mrs. Outdoors there's a dog breed for you. PHL17's Zachery Lashway spends a day with the dogs and introduces us to three breeds for three different lifestyles. Read More

ABC 6 Puppy Training Class
Puppy training classes at Canine Creature Comforts. Read More

New Doghouse for Canine Creature Comforts
Dogs don't speak English. That's one of the first things Amy Parsons tells many of her clients. To dogs, your voice sounds like one of the adults from a Peanuts Cartoon. Read More

The Feature
After 18 years in the corporate world, Amy Parsons knew deep down that it was time to make a change. It was time to switch out of her corporate career and begin doing something that she truly loved. Pets had always been her passion. Read More

Cane Corso Rescue - Big Paws, Big Hearts
When you walk into Canine Creature Comforts, a dog daycare with training and boarding facilities in Malvern, Basta, the dog in the company logo — a 120-lb. Cane Corso — can be found with two big front paws propped on the counter like he’s working a shift. Read More

CBS 3 Summer Pet Anxiety
Pets are people, too! Well, sort of. But just like people, pets feel anxious at times, and there are some simple ways you can put them at ease. Read More

SmartCEO Features Amy Parsons
For this type of business, you have to get zoning approval. I spent 2 years dealing with 10 different townships in the identified area that I wanted to locate the business. Read More

Chesco Woman's Pet Business Clawing to Stay Ahead
Wearing a T-shirt with the laid-back message "Poop Happens" and a wrist tattoo made of paw prints and a heart, Amy Parsons seems the picture of whimsy - until she details her lows as a small-business owner. Read More

It's a Dog's Life - Canine Creature Change
Amy Parsons has changed her career from corporate to canines. Her business caters to canines' every need. Read More

Fox Fursday: Nigel, Nina and Squirt
Two puppies are looking for a new home. Learn how you can adopt them. Read More

Rescue Helps Canine Giants in Philadelphia
Southeastern Pennsylvania and neighboring New Jersey and Delaware have a Cane Corso problem. Last month the Philadelphia-based Big Paws, Big Hearts rescued almost as many Cane Corsos as the total number reported rescued from shelters in the entire country. Read More

Ask the Trainer with Amy Parsons
I hate to say this, but my dog Mitzi doesn’t like men. I got her from a shelter, and I asked about her past, but no one there seems to know much about her. I’m guessing she may have been abused by a man before she came into my home. Read More

Off Leash Hiking Classes
Learn about the off leash hiking classes offered by Canine Creature Comforts. Read More

It's a Shore Thing!
Canine Creature Comforts talks about dog friendly beaches on FYI Philly. Read More

Dawn's Pet Project: Dog Park Safety
A day at the dog park can be both physically and mentally healthy for your pooch, but there are a few rules of thumb to keep in mind. Read More

Rescue Me
To hear Donna Marie Buscaglia tell it, the unconditional love of a beefy Rottweiler named Caesar helped her endure—and overcome—some major hurdles in the past few years Read More

Spring training tips to get you and your dog outside
Spring is right around the corner. Soon many people will be taking advantage of the longer and warmer days and spend plenty of time outdoors with their dogs. Read More

What To Do if You Get a Dog for Valentine's Day
They might call it puppy love — but that doesn't mean it's meant to be. Far too often, people gift their significant others with new pets on holidays like Valentine's Day, and while a sweet gesture, the surprise present can often lead to problems for both people and pets. Read More

How to Teach a Dog New Tricks
Pet Behavioral Expert, Amy Parsons demonstrates different training techniques that can be easily taught to any dog! Read More

CBS 3 Controlling Your Pets From Jumping
Controlling Your Pets From Jumping Read More

Treats to Try: Dog Grooming Tips from Canine Creature Comforts
The leaves have changed, temperatures are dropping — fall is in full swing! And just as you may be celebrating the switch in seasons with a new outfit or haircut, your dog should be receiving a little extra beautification, too. Read More