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February 13, 2015

Linden goes to Level 2 Obedience: Class 1

This is an ongoing series of posts detailing what your dog will learn if enrolled in a training class at Canine Creature Comforts. In this series Linden will be spotlighting "Level 2 Obedience" and her continued training to become a well-behaved dog.

Hi! My name is Linden and I am an 8 month old Goldendoodle. Though I'm only 8 months old I'm no stranger to this place called Canine Creature Comforts as my family brought me to puppy social hour every Saturday when I was little and I also recently graduated from Puppy Kindergarten- my first training class!

Now I'm starting Level 2 Obedience and I have a feeling it's going to be more intense than Puppy Kindergarten...but I'm up for the challenge. In Level 2 Obedience "we expand on the skills that are learned in the Puppy or Beginner classes. We start to add the Three D's=Distance, Distraction and Duration. Your dog will learn how to listen to you in more distracting environments like outside or at the park."

When my mom told me I was going to be sharing my experiences on this "blog" I was really nervous but Kira let me know that it's no big deal and that she had been the "guest blogger" for her Kindergarten class. Speaking of Kira...she's in my level 2 class! Our other classmates are Sunny, Stella and Suzie.

Our teacher is Dani who I already know from spending time in daycare at CCC. She is awesome and gives the best kisses. We all love her but know that it's time to get down to business when she's teaching.

Last night we had our first class. After introductions Dani said that tonight we were going to test some skills to see where each of us were at. Oh crap. I was nervous (I smile when I'm nervous).

First we each had to sit and stay for our owner while they walked away. Sometimes it's really hard to keep your butt on the ground when you just want to follow!

Next we had to sit and stay while Dani walked around with a squeaky toy to distract us.

I wanted that toy so badly!

Then Dani took it one step further and had us each practice our loose leash walking AROUND each dog while they were in a sit/stay. I must say...we all did GREAT.

Dani told us that this skill is extremely important because when we are out in public we need to be able to stay focused while on a leash. Other dogs might be around and we can't be tempted to visit them because they might not all be friendly. This is crucial if we want to be social dogs and go for walks in busy parks or to dog friendly restaurants.

The last skill we tested tonight was our ability to "come when called." Dani set out some fun looking toys and then we had to run to our human when they called us...RIGHT PAST THE TOYS WITHOUT TOUCHING THEM.

I was a little shy at first but then I ran right to my mom. Dani then set out the loud wobbly eggs and we were all able to listen and run to our human...though that dog Stella thought about stopping to play for a second.

Finally we practiced "meet and greet." Dani left the room and came in to greet us individually. Our owner stepped on our leash so we would self-correct when we jumped. This is something we all need to practice on a daily basis.

After that class was over for the night and next week we will start to focus on some specific should be fun!

See ya then!