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February 27, 2015

Linden goes to Level 2 Obedience: Class 3

This is an ongoing series of posts detailing what your dog will learn if enrolled in a training class at Canine Creature Comforts. In this series Linden will be spotlighting "Level 2 Obedience" and her continued training to become a well-behaved dog.

Our third class of Level 2 Obedience started off promising when Dani said that we would be playing games.

Like Mia I was skeptical, but hopeful.

Somehow I think Dani found a way to trick us as though we had fun we were also learning at the same time. We ended up playing 3 games:

1.  We spread out around the room and the first dog had to do a trick. Then the next dog had to do the first trick plus one of their own. We went around the room until we had 5 tricks we had to perform in a row. Birba picked "watch me", I was "stay", Mia "sit", Stella "shake" and Kira "down".

Honestly I think it was harder for our parents to remember what they were supposed to ask us to do than for us to perform the tricks. This was really fun and we all did great.

2. The next game started with Dani setting out some distractions.

"Ugh, MORE loose leash walking with distractions", I thought to myself. But there was a twist! Our owner had to hold a red solo cup filled with water in the same hand as the leash to see how well we walked without jerking and spilling. Whaaat! This shows just how much we pay attention to our owner and their commands while on a leash.

This was fun but apparently the real fun will happen when we split into teams and race next week. I call Stella on our team - word on the street she's a pro.

3. The third and final game was kind of baffling. First Dani herded everyone but me behind a fence.

Did I win or lose? I'm still not sure.

Then my mom walked around and gave me a treat when I came near. I said to myself, "Linden just act normal even though you have no clue what's going on."

Sure enough Dani explained that the point of this is to show that when we are out in public our owners tend to worry and pay TOO much attention to us. We pick up on that and tend to want to ignore them.

We wrapped up class with a review of obeying verbal commands without looking...

.... and then Dani asked each of our owners what was one thing we would like to work on individually at home.

My mom said that I get a bit rambunctious with my brothers and sisters, especially in the yard. Me? I don't see it, but Dani is going to help. Whatever makes my humans happy!

Until next week,


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