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March 12, 2015

Sonny goes to Level 2 Obedience: Class 4

Hullo everybody...Sonny the Goldendoodle here! I'm filling in for Linden as a guest dogger as she couldn't make it to class this week.

We had a small class this week, and though we missed Mia, Suzie and Linden it was nice because Dani was able to spend more time with each of us on certain skills.

In this class we worked on 3 things:

  1. Practiced "go to your spot" - We worked on "going to our spot" that Dani started to teach us back in class #2. Dani gave us some great pointers and let's just say that we all have some work to do on this one.

  2. "Stay" while our owners left the room - My mom put me in a "stay" and left the room. It was really hard to do because I just wanted to see where she went but I was able to "stay" until she came back and released me.

  3. Worked on someone walking behind us - I never really thought about it but apparently most dogs don't like when someone is behind them. My mom had me "sit" and then walked around me and at first I was like "NO I CAN'T SEE YOU" and I got up. With some instruction I finally was able to focus and stay seated, but it definitely wasn't natural. I need to work on this as it's important when I'm out in a social situation that I am able to have strangers walking behind me and not panic.

Class was great and as always we were all exhausted by the end.

We are looking forward to working on some exciting skills next week and having everyone back in the classroom! I hope you enjoyed my guest post!


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