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March 24, 2015

Linden goes to Level 2 Obedience: Class 5

This is an ongoing series of posts detailing what your dog will learn if enrolled in a training class at Canine Creature Comforts. In this series Linden will be spotlighting "Level 2 Obedience" and her continued training to become a well-behaved dog.

Hi guys! Linden here... it's good to be back. Sonny did such a good job recapping the class I missed last week that I was worried I would be replaced! 

This week we showed up to class #5 and it smelled....heavenly. WHY were there hamburgers and how could I get my paws on one?  Unfortunately it was too good to be true and the McDonalds was all part of Dani's master training plan.  The theme of the night: how to define your personal space from your dog using body blocking.

In this case Dani was demonstrating how you should be able to eat food on a couch and have your dog respect your personal space. This is where the hamburgers, nuggets and french fries came in.

One at a time Dani had our owners sit on the couch and enjoy a tasty morsel while we kept our distance. At first we all wanted to be in that food's business but Dani instructed our owners to use their bodies and force us away without using verbal commands.

We all did pretty well though you can tell who is more relentless when it comes to food. Ahem, Stella, ahem.

Once we all figured out that we had to respect our owner's space Dani added a twist and had us sit NEXT to them on the couch.

That nugget was so close, yet so far away.  We learned that if our owner chose to let us sit nearby while eating we still had to keep our space.  This lesson was a tough one but really important, and can be applied to most aspects of our life (so Dani says). 

We wrapped up the class by practicing "stay" while our owners left the room for an extended amount of time.

It felt like my mom and sister were gone for a year but I waited patiently until they came back. Can I have a nugget now?

That's it for this week, a field trip!

See you then,