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From Puppy to Expert, Group Classes or Private Training we offer solutions to your training needs.

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Voted #1 Training Facility in Philly from the Philly Hot List sponsored by My PHL17At Canine Creature Comforts, we specialize in understanding dog behavior. Whether it is managing a dog pack of 50+ dogs, working with a dog who has aggression issues or helping a child learn how to teach their puppy to sit, our trainers approach all situations with an understanding of how a dog views the world.

As humans we spend all of our time using English to communicate our likes and dislikes. Here’s a little surprise, dogs don’t speak English! They do speak fluent dog. We spend our time understanding how to speak dog and how to help our human clients learn to speak and interpret dog.

Canine Creature Comforts’ training program is one of the most comprehensive programs in the Philadelphia area. We offer group classes, private in-home training as well as behavioral modification training.


Our group classes are all geared towards training a family pet. If your family dog is well behaved and you can take them places without being ‘embarrassed’, your dog gets to participate in many family activities resulting in a happy dog and happy humans! We offer the following classes:

Puppy Kindergarten
Beginner Manners
Obedience 2
Obedience 3
Canine Good Citizen
Pre-Agility – Just for Fun!
Fun Agility 1
Fun Agility 2
Fun Agility 3
The Nose Knows (Scent Class)

Please check our calendar for start dates and times. Some classes have pre-requisites so please check before signing up!


Canine Creature Comforts offers one hour informational seminars and workshops that you can take with your dog. We offer the following:

Workshops (with your dog)
Come When Called
Kids and Dogs
Walking on a Leash
Tricks & Games
Seminars (humans only)
Dynamics of a Multi Dog House
Dog Park Safety
Diet and Nutrition
Potty Training
Welcoming the New Human Arrival

Please check our calendar for start dates and times. All Workshops involve you and your dog. All Seminars are for two-leggers only (human’s only!)


For those who need more individualized attention, we offer private training sessions available in our store, in your home or on location (at a park, neighborhood, urban area, etc). Our private sessions are designed to give you insight into what may be going on in your home ‘pack’ and we will show you how to help fix any issues.

Please contact us for more information on pricing and scheduling.


(available weekdays only)

Do you want your dog to walk nicely on a leash or come when you call her? Some of our dogs need extra attention and quality time with one of our trainers. We can help your dog learn not to jump, not to bark or work on specific tasks that will make your life easier!


We believe there are two types of training, obedience training and behavioral training. Obedience is teaching your dog to ‘obey’ a command – sit, stay, come. Behavioral training is working with a dog to improve their overall ‘behavior’ – no lunging, no biting, not to be afraid, etc.

A common mistake made by many owners and trainers is trying to use obedience to change a behavior. A good example of this is asking a dog who lunges and barks at other dogs while on leash to ‘sit’ and take treats while a strange dog is passing. A small percentage of dogs will be able to do this but most dogs are so interested in the passing dog, they totally ignore the treat and their human.

We use our extensive knowledge of dog behavior to help modify the behavior of dogs who have issues. If your dog has moderate to severe anxiety, fear, dog aggression or human aggression, we can help! Please contact us to schedule a complimentary training evaluation at our facility.

Extended Stay Training

Does your dog need more intensive behavioral work? Does your dog have issues with strangers, men, children or other dogs? Does your dog suffer from anxiety or low self-esteem? We can help! We will work with you to identify the issues you are having and lay out a training program to help eliminate these issues. Your dog will spend either 6 days or 12 days with us working on our mutually agreed upon program. If your dog is able, they will also spend time in our daycare groups and/or enjoy our cage-free sleep over accommodations. A training evaluation is required to determine if this training package is right for you and your dog. Please contact us to schedule one today!

Training to be in Daycare

(available weekdays only)

Some of our dogs need some extra help to be able to attend daycare. They may be shy or anxious and too insecure to fit in right away. We can help! We have successfully integrated many dogs into a daycare environment who would have been turned away from other facilities. A daycare evaluation is required to determine if your dog is a candidate for this type of training. Please contact us to schedule an evaluation today.