Introducing... Paw Points Rewards!

Just like rewarding your pup for doing something good.. It is now time for you to be Rewarded!

We are now giving our customers the ability to earn Paw Points. Our Paw Points can be applied towards any of our services, such as Daycare, Sleepovers or Training. 

So how can you start receiving Paw Points?

It's easy, start by referring your friends, family and colleagues. Anytime someone signs up for one of our services, have them mention your name and we will apply Paw Points to your CCC account.

In addition to referrals, we will also give out Paw Points throughout the year on social media for special contests and giveaways. So if you do not follow us on social media, it may be a good time to start!

Think you may have received Paw Points already?
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