Pandemic Pups: Transitioning Your Dog When You Return to Work

The coronavirus pandemic has not made for lots of fun in most folks’ lives, but it's now becoming clear that it is beginning to affect the lives of our pets as well. Since the virus triggered a national lockdown, more and more people have adopted pets for companionship and to alleviate the loneliness the virus’s quarantine can cause. This is great news; however, those same pets are now facing a potential crisis when the only world they have gotten to know with their humans begins to drastically change as people start going back to work and leaving home more often.

Training and socializing your new dog are critical to a happy union between you and your dog as you both adjust to your new lifestyle. This is especially true if you are raising a puppy. As noted in our blog Is Your Dog Getting Adequate Socialization?, “The critical socialization window for dogs is up to about 3 months of age (12 weeks old).  Your puppy should be exposed appropriately and positively to as many new people, new places and new dogs as possible during that period.”

Puppies also need special attention when it comes to learning how to go potty at the right time and place. A general rule for pups is that they need to go potty once an hour for every month of age. So, a three-month-old puppy needs a pit stop every three hours. Of course, things like playing, napping, waking up, drinking and eating will affect that timing.

Socialization is also key for older dogs that are being introduced into your household. Socialization must be a part of any dog’s routine so they don’t develop fears and anxieties that will plague them when the world starts to open up again and you are away from home more often. So, even though you may be spending a lot of time at home now, the key is to start preparing your dog NOW for what is sure to happen to your routine in the future.

So, what happens when you must go back to work?  How do you keep you and your dog sane and feeling secure as you transition back to being away from home?

If you have trained your new pal to a crate (which we always recommend even if your dog will not always have to use it), they can view the crate as a safe haven for when you are not home. If you are still in the stages of puppy-training, you will either need to arrange to come home or have someone come regularly to your home and take your dog out to potty. Or better yet - bring them to Canine Creature Comforts for the day! Supervised socialization is our specialty! We offer half days and full days for daycare services at what is typically a fraction of the cost and provides your dog with much needed socialization experiences, along with the mental & physical engagement they need to be happy and well-balanced (and avoid driving you crazy after a long day of work!).

  • Your dog will have supervised play all day indoors & outdoors at our super clean facility
  • Your dog will learn manners and how to interact appropriately with different kinds of dogs
  • Your dog’s basic obedience training will be reinforced throughout the day
  • When tuckered out, your dog can have a comfy snooze
  • We offer seasonal swimming lessons in our 10,000-gallon dog-proof pool

Transitioning back to "normalcy" with the help of Canine Creature Comforts Doggie Daycare will definitely ease your pup into your new routine when the time comes. Your return to work or return to having a "normal" social life does not have to be stressful for your dog if you take the right steps now. 

Email us at or call us at 610-296-8407 today to talk about getting your dog started with doggie daycare!