Canine Creature Comforts Dog Training & Socialization Center

Group Classes or Private Training - from puppy to expert level - we offer solutions for all your training needs!

At Canine Creature Comforts, we specialize in understanding dog behavior. Whether it's managing a pack of 50+ dogs, working with a dog who has aggression issues, or helping a child learn how to teach their puppy to sit, our trainers approach all situations with an understanding of how a dog views the world.

As humans, we spend all of our time using English to communicate our likes and dislikes. But guess what – dogs don't speak English! They speak DOG; and lucky for them – we do too! We spend our time honing our skills when it comes to understanding and communicating with dogs in a way they understand, and helping our human clients learn how to speak and interpret the same language. This helps to promote a clear, harmonious relationship between you and your four-legged companion.

Canine Creature Comforts' training programs are some of the most comprehensive programs in the Philadelphia area. We offer group classes, private in-home training, as well as behavioral modification training.

AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification

Canine Creature Comforts offers AKC Canine Good Citizen class to certify your dog as a Canine Good Citizen.

*AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification requires the completion of Levels 1-3.

Our group classes are all geared towards training a family pet. If your family dog is well-behaved and you're able to take them places without being embarrassed, then your dog gets to participate in more activities with you, which results in a happy dog and happy humans! We offer the following classes:

Group Orientation Class (90 minute humans-only class)                                  

Prerequisite = None                                                                                Dog Age Restriction = None

  • Attending Group Orientation, or as we like to call it – “human training” – is the first step before completing the rest of the 6-week New Beginnings course. Whether you have a new puppy, a new rescue, or you’re just starting to train your dog, you’ll find this session very informative! We'll give you all the necessary information to start training your dog. We cover everything from house breaking, crate training, rewards & consequences, and the difference between how dogs & humans view the world. This class fulfills the required prerequisite for our New Beginnings Class for clients who have not already had a private training session or bootcamp with us.

New Beginnings
Class (6 weeks) = Scooby Doo, Odie, Brian, Pluto, Blues Clues, Hong Kong Phooey

Prerequisite = Group Orientation Class                                Dog Age Restriction = None

  • Our curriculum includes, but is not limited to sit, down, stay, come, leave it, leash walking. The importance of socialization is covered, as well as common issues, such as puppy nipping/biting, jumping, etc.
  • There are 6 sessions total to be completed: Scooby Doo, Odie, Brian, Pluto, Blues Clues, Hong Kong Phooey
  • If you would like to get started before taking the Group Orientation class, please call us in advance to see if your request can be accommodated. 

Rolling Enrollment = as soon as your prerequisite is complete, classes may be taken in any order! Classes do sometimes fill up, so we recommend choosing six classes you'd like to attend in advance & registering for them. And because we rotate exercises, have multiple instructors and have new students starting all the time, two classes are never the same. The socialization window is short for puppies, so we feel it’s best not to wait too long between classes. Your six classes need to be completed within 8 weeks of your purchase. Just contact us to register!

Level 2 Obedience Class (6 weeks)

Prerequisites = Group Orientation & New Beginnings                                        Dog Age Restriction = None

  • In Level 2, we expand on the skills learned in the New Beginnings Class. We will incorporate games and group distraction drills to proof our obedience and leash walking skills, and start to learn how to listen when more distractions are present.

Level 3 Obedience Class (6 weeks)

Prerequisites = Up to & including Level 2                                                                    Dog Age Restriction = None

  • In our Level 3 class, we expand on the skills learned in Level 2. We practice obedience skills by incorporating Rally-O games and exercises. We also spend some time going for outings where we can practice all the skills learned in real life situations and places.

Canine Good Citizen Class (CGC) (6 weeks)

Prerequisites = Up to & including Level 3                                                                    Dog Age Restriction = None

  • In the CGC Class, we will explain and practice all of the 10 requirements for the CGC test. The last class includes taking the test, and the testing fee is included. CCC is an AKC-certified CGC facility.


For the dogs who need more individualized attention, we offer private training sessions available in our store, in your home, or on location (at a park, neighborhood, urban area, etc). Our private sessions are designed to give you insight into what may be going on in your home 'pack' and we’ll show you how to work on fixing any issues. Please contact us for more information on pricing and scheduling.


Some of our dogs need extra help to be able to attend daycare. They may be too shy or insecure to fit in right away, or maybe they just aren’t sure how to do the whole “dog thing”. We can help! We have successfully integrated countless dogs into our daycare environment – dogs who would have been turned away from other facilities. A daycare evaluation is required to determine if your dog is a candidate for this type of training. Please contact us in advance to schedule an evaluation.


We believe there are two types of training – obedience training and behavioral training. Obedience training is teaching your dog to 'obey' a command – sit, stay, come, etc. Behavioral training is working with a dog to improve their overall 'behavior' – lunging, biting, fearfulness, etc.

A common mistake made by many owners and trainers is trying to use obedience to change behavior. A good example of this is asking a dog who lunges and barks at other dogs while on leash to 'sit' and take treats while a strange dog is passing. A small percentage of dogs will be able to do this, but most dogs are so interested in the passing dog, they totally ignore the treat and their human.

Many dog owners find themselves dealing with behavior problems beyond the scope of typical "disobedience".  Some of these out-of-control behaviors include, but aren’t limited to leash aggression, dog on dog aggression, dog on people aggression, territorial guarding, resource guarding, separation anxiety, extreme fearfulness, wariness or shyness. When a dog exhibits behavior problems, not only is the owner-dog relationship compromised, but the dog becomes a safety liability. Dogs do not "outgrow" true behavior problems like those mentioned here; instead, these behaviors tend to escalate, especially in the period from adolescence to adulthood (6 months to 3 years). Younger dogs can usually be rehabilitated more easily, so it is wise to address behavior issues as soon as they arise. To rehabilitate dogs with behavior problems, Canine Creature Comforts offers Sleepover Behavioral Bootcamp.  Our trainers have decades of combined experience working with dogs that exhibit a variety of behavior problems. Many local veterinarians, breeders, and rescues refer their clients to us. Our trainers approach each dog as an individual, taking time to build a bond of trust and respect, and employ balanced training methods that help each dog learn to approach and respond to situations in a new, appropriate way. A training evaluation will allow us to evaluate your dog and recommend a customized program. Please contact us in advance to schedule a training evaluation.